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Strong Magnet Inc is a specialist of supplying Permanent Ferrite Magnets, Rare earth NdFeB magnets, Flexible magnets, Magnetic pot & magnetic tool, implementing OEM/ODM projects for various magnetic products. Catalogue & Online Order

Permanent magnets are the important electronic material for many industries which has changed the modern world in the past and present. Rare earth Neodymium magnets and Ferrite magnets are mainly two series of magnetic material to be used widely in speaker, motor, electric parts and commodity. Magnets gallery for Industrial

Rare earth magnet is also named Neodymium Magnet or NdFeB Magnet, it is a metallic alloy of neodymium-iron-boron, which provides the most strong magnet today. Although Neodymium magnet only has 30 years history in the magnetic material industry, this kind of magnet including Sintered NdFeB magnets and Bond NdFeB magnets leads to renovate the clean energy economy and modern electronic consumption products such as wind generator, hard disk drive, DC motor and smart cell phone, as the high efficient magnetic energy performs. The magnetic force for Rare earth magnet is almost 10 times stronger than Ferrite magnet. In another words, one piece of Rare earth magnet can equal to 10 pieces of same size of Ferrite magnet.

Permanent Ferrite magnet used to be another name of Hard Ferrite Magnet or Ceramic magnet, it is an old nonmetallic magnet with high temperature resistance and stabilities. This kind of magnet including Sintered Ferrite Magnet, Bond Ferrite magnet and Rubber Ferrite magnets. The physical property of Sintered Ferrite magnet is similar to ceramic material.


Rubber Ferrite Magnet is also named Flexible magnet or Plastic magnet, it is combined Ferrite magnet powder with CPE plastic. According to different usage, the rubber magnet can be made an extrusive strip or flat sheet in roll or in piece cutting. The extrusive strip used in doors seal, such as refrigerator door seal, bath door and screen door seal.  The flat sheet used in advertisement and print industry, such as magnetic souvenir card, magnetic paper card, magnetic dartboard etc.

Strong Magnet Inc. does not only have abilities to supply the high quality magnets for industry with diversity of purpose, but also it intends to design and develop new magnetic products for customers' requirement.

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