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The colour magnet used to be the rubber magnet with colour print, this product usually uses for magnetic name card or advertisement industry, such as products No:#55010 , #55011 .

Ceramic magnet ( hard ferrite magnet ) with mounted colour plastic cap is another kind of colour magnet, this product usually uses for white board, such as the products No: #53000 . Other magnets with paint, such as magnets for education.

Colour permanent magnet for white board, refrigerator door, stationery.etc

Various colour, Ring size: Dia10mm-50mm.

Strong Magnet Co designed new ceramic magnet with direct print and clear epoxy cover. such as the products No: #50192, Diameter 12mm by 4mm, see the picture below, and similar products, but shiny and beautiful magnetic earring button, such as: product No:#43006 ,#43004 , which have the sparked colours.

Many magnetic beads we had have excellent colours, they are fantastic and wonderful magnetic beads. For instance: #132 super magnetic diamond shape 5x8mm#135 super magnetic twist beads 6x8mm , #129 , #140, #143 , #149 etc.

There also have pearlized colour magnetic beads and Multi-colour or rainbow magnetic beads, #21153 , #25402. You also can search our website and find more colourful products.

The most strong and powerful colour magnets are Multi-colour magnetic clasps or rainbow magnetic clasps,  they are rare earth NdFeB magnets  with multi-colour plating. Such as: #71732 ,  #70752 ,

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