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Magnetic lifter is a efficient tool to utilize the permanent magnetic force to lift steel or iron products. It is a safe and economical way to lift ferrous loads, steel plate, steel sheet, iron blocks, metal workpiece and oxygen cutting operation in the area of such as: steel industry workshop, steel structural, naval works and distribution centers.


Strong Magnet Inc supplies magnetic lifter by using the high performance rare earth NdFeB magnets and reliable magnetic field circuit design, ensure the magnetic devices have great power and total work safety with compact dimensions and low weight. A series of 6 models magnetic lifters with lifting capacity from 100 kg to 3000 kg are available to order, and hooks can be customized according to your requirement.


Lift Capacity(Kgf) 

Cylindrical Capacity(Kgf)

Max Pull-off strength(Kgf)











PML-100 100 30 350 62 92 70 145 3
PML-300 300 90 1050 92 162 96 180 10
PML-500 500 150 1750 120 216 118 220 20
PML-600 600 200 2100 122 232 120 220 24
PML-1000 1000 300 3500 176 258 163 285 50
PML-2000 2000 600 7000 234 378 212 465 125
PML-3000 3000 1200 10500 286 458 261 565 220


Magnetic Caliper is a custom-made magnetic tool with double strong magnetic cups. This handy magnetic tool can remove metal scrap or small parts safely. The handle and tong fulfill to control magnetic cups completely.  The product can be ordered Online ( Product number: #78800 ).

We can design and make the special magnetic tool for your request, please send us your purpose or drawing, our engineers will be happy to assist you.

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